Augmented Reality Apps Marketing for your business!

Augmented Reality Apps Marketing for your business!

The latest trend taking mobile marketing by storm: augmented reality (AR). Commonly refers to the images, videos, 3D models presented on the screen of your smartphone or other mobile device, and the amount and quality of information provided by those images.

For business and commerce, augmented reality has many applications and usages. Augmented Reality can be used to give consumers information about your product or business, and help persuade them to make a positive purchasing decision. Consumers can use AR as an aid in selecting products from a printed catalog or through a kiosk, or view what’s inside a product’s packaging without opening it. For example, a Realtor can use AR to provide information about a home for sale, and even give a virtual tour of the home to a prospect who’s driving by the home on a Sunday afternoon.

Scanned images of your products can activate views of additional content such as customization options and additional images of the product being used. The biggest advancement is with printed marketing material. Now, your print materials can be designed with certain “trigger” images that, when scanned by an AR enabled device using image recognition, activate promotional material only accessible using the digital device.

Examples of Augmented Reality Apps

Here are some examples of popular Augmented Reality apps. We can create a custom AR app designed for your business too!

Layar is the world’s most popular AR apps. After installing Layar on your iOS or Android device, simply point your camera to scan objects around you. You can scan magazines, newspapers, ads, and more, and Layar displays related content over that object. You can find subway stops, restaurants, ATMs, or whatever your heart desires. The app also has built in social features that you can use to connect with friends on Facebook and Twitter.

Wikitude World Browser (WWB) is a leader among augmented reality browsers. As you travel around any given area, WWB provides you with a wealth of geographically-relevant information – Wikipedia articles for landmarks, Foursquare locations, YouTube videos, ATM locations, Tweets, and much more. Even better, it’s completely free.

Junaio allows you to basically point your camera at whatever it is you wish to get information about. This “Scan the World” feature can recognize pictures (even works of art), QR codes, and product barcodes, and simplifies the navigation. It includes layers for Wikipedia, amenities, tweets, eBay classifieds, and Foursquare venues, and the app also has a handy built-in barcode and QR scanner.

With augmented reality apps, you can focus in on niche markets and gain live metrics for direct ROI actions. You can create an augmented reality app for your business that will enhance your customers’ experiences, give them valuable product information, tell them what’s on sale, let them see an item in different colors, or even show them where to park their car. It’s a powerful and affordable tool that can bring relevant information and even a level of entertainment to your customers and bring them closer to your brand then you ever could before.