Month: December 2017

What Is The Future Of AR?

By transforming complex information into a 3D representation that is easy to understand, industries are eagerly adopting augmented reality for training, product development, research, and marketing applications. Augmented reality is used industries from mining technology to medicine. Today, in 2017,  the medical industry is introducing 8 new medical advances using augmented reality which all provide […]
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3 Ways AR Can Enhance Your World

1.) Augmented Reality for Education Augmented reality is gaining worldwide attention for how it helps students engage in subject matters based on individual or group learning styles. Group learning and the benefits of social interaction in the learning process is a much talked about learning concept with augmented reality recognized as the tool for this purpose. […]
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What is Augmented Reality?

There is a lot of attention on what is Augmented Reality these days. Highly publicized launches from big name brands like Apple and Google who have set augmented reality roadmaps and the vision of this technology for the future. Just as the internet coming around in the 1980’s, augmented reality will be coming around in the […]
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