Month: January 2018

Create and Share Brand Messaging with Augmented Reality Experiences

The rise of online shopping has changed how people interact with their favourite brands. Never before have consumers had so much choice right at their fingerprints, prompting companies to create innovative customer experiences that will draw attention away from their competitors. Ironically, in this age of digital technology, print advertising is seeing a resurgence. Online […]
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Increase Foot Traffic to Your Retail Location with Augmented Reality

2017 saw many retail icons, such as Reitman’s, Le Chateau, and Sears, either close dozens of stores or cease operations completely in Canada. These closures resulted from a reduction of in-store foot traffic due to increased competition, the rise of online shopping, and changing customer expectations. In recent years, consumers have been putting a heavier […]
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Create Interactive Print Campaigns with Augmented Reality

For years, retailers relied on print media such as the Yellow Pages, flyers, and catalogues to get their messages out to the public. Print campaigns were highly effective because then, as now, people loved getting mail. Then came the Internet. Suddenly, print media was seemed archaic, out of touch, and bothersome. Finely targeted digital ads […]
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3 Ways that Augmented Reality Apps Enhance Mobile Shopping

It’s no secret that online shopping has revolutionized the way we browse for and purchase products. Online shopping allows us to avoid malls, easily comparison shop from the comfort of our home or workplace, and access goods from nearly anywhere in the world. But brick-and-mortar stores offer consumers something that mobile has struggled with: sensory […]
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