3D Food And Drink: Immersing Trade Shows in Delicious Deep Dish AR

Upcoming Media served up some impressive augmented reality (AR) experiences at two high profile conferences in Toronto this past month: the Restaurants Canada Show and the DX3 Trade Show.

In partnership with MetaVRse, North America’s leading VR + AR consulting and product development company, and the Toronto chapter of the VRARA, the world’s leading association of AR/VR professionals, Upcoming Media presented their 3D Food and Drink app, which delivers full-colour, hyper-realistic 3D models of a menu’s food selections. At the push of a button, diners can view a food or beverage item, learn about its ingredients, how it’s prepared, confirm if it conforms to their allergy, nutritional, or lifestyle requirements, and more.

3D Food and Drink is fun and easy to use, and offers the hospitality industry a new way of engaging, entertaining, and educating their customers, as two of the digital world’s up-and-coming tech journalists found out when they spoke to Mark Shaw, CEO and Founder of Upcoming Media, at these two trade shows.


XTalks Gets a Taste of 3D Food and Drink at Restaurants Canada

The 2019 Restaurants Canada Show, held at Toronto’s Enercare Centre from February 24 – 26, was another resounding success for hospitality professionals looking to make connections and learn about innovations that will help grow their business.

Upcoming Media launched their 3D Food and Drink app at their booth in the main exhibition hall. That’s where Tegan Versolatto, Senior Multimedia Editor at XTalks, an online digital media knowledge hub, asked Mark about how their 3D Food And Drink interactive digital menus help restaurants educate their customers about food choices.



“If somebody has ordered something, say international cuisine, they’d have a hard time understanding exactly what they are ordering,” Mark said. “We alleviate that problem by having a full 3D representation that is photo realistic and right in front of you when you order. You can also view dietary information, allergies, anything that is specific towards any restrictions you may have, religious or due to your own dietary needs.”

Alan Smithson, CEO of MetaVRse, told Tegan that AR is revolutionizing technology so quickly that business, including hospitality, shouldn’t hesitate to jump on board.  

“Look back 15 years ago,” he said. “People that were laggards on the web were getting left behind, and other smarter companies went right past them. The same thing is happening with virtual and augmented reality, this is the future of human communications.”

Data from Research firm Statista backs up Alan’s comment, projecting that the VR and AR market is expected to reach $814.7 billion by 2025.


AR Walks the Electric Runway at the DX3 Trade show

Upcoming Media was also presenting 3D Food & Drink at the 2019 DX3 Trade Show, which took place at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre on March 6 and 7. As Canada’s biggest retail, marketing, and technology trade show, DX3 attracts almost 4,000 attendees, offers interactive installations and game-changing content designed to supercharge digital marketing campaigns.

Amanda Cosco, Founder and Host of Electric Runway, covers conferences, runway events, and trade shows on YouTube and on her podcast, which recently topped Elle Magazine’s list of the best fashion podcasts. She also took time to discover 3D Food & Drink, and spoke to Mark about the potential of AR to revolutionize the fashion industry.




In her tweet, Amanda noted that the Food and Drink app is a “focused use-case for AR in retail”. This is correct, as fashion customers can also “try on” 3D renderings on shoes, sunglasses, jewellery, clothes, and much more using AR technology. Also, AR is making inroads into other sectors, including automotive, real estate, and education.

We’d like to thank Tegan and Amanda for speaking to us at Restaurants Canada and the DX3 Trade Shows, as well as everyone else who stopped by to check out the 3D Food and Drink app. See you at the next show!


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