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Solutions for Business

Our solutions give businesses a way to take their projects and print campaigns to the next level. Enhance day-to-day business operations; whether it’s design concepts or showcasing products, our Upcoming Media Solutions technology will re-calibrate the way you think about conducting business.

For example, you can allow potential buyers to see how a condominium may look before buying. This process also helps speed the sales process by reinforcing sales promotions.

Solutions for Education

Teaching students with augmented reality creates an immersive, interactive experience across multiple senses, which is far more effective than typical lectures or simply reading textbooks. With either on-screen instructions or layered 3D graphics, users are shown processes step-by-step or prompted by instructions to complete tasks.

Using these methods, AR offers the capability to increase the understanding of the learning process, while gathering information on how students work with Upcoming Media Solutions.


For Personal

Solutions for Personal

Whether your customers are shopping or interior designing, Upcoming Media Solutions can be used to display 3D graphics of furniture and provide a realistic visual inside that users home. Consider looking for a couch; everything about the couch, from size to color, can be shown in a 3D graphic overlay as the prospective buyer interacts with a realistic representation of the product.

Even when cooking, your consumers can also utilize graphical overlays for recipes, or menus, to help guide you quickly and efficiently to make your decisions.


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