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At Upcoming Media, we develop captivating, immersive, and interactive experiences for a worldwide audience. With a keen focus on emerging trends, our team skillfully merges innovative design with cutting-edge technology, delivering superior content.

Our core mission is to engineer immersive and interactive experiences that engage audiences on a global scale. With a strategic focus on identifying and leveraging emerging trends, our team excels in fusing innovative creativity with advanced technology.

Our diverse portfolio underlines our expertise and commitment to innovation, positioning us as leaders in shaping the future of digital media. Together, we navigate market trends, ensuring our solutions remain at the forefront of tech advancements.

Committed to setting industry benchmarks, we at Upcoming Media Inc. are unwavering in our dedication to redefining the future of digital media, ensuring our offerings are not only relevant but also transformative in the rapidly evolving digital landscape.


We offer expert insights and tailored solutions for AR, VR AI, and Mobile app development.

Concept Creation

Embracing and pioneering trends, we push boundaries to craft concepts that revolutionize.

Content Creation

We specialize in constructing immersive, three-dimensional experiences that captivate.

Campaign Creation

Interactive AR elements blend seamlessly to create captivating narratives and experiences.

Pursuing remarkable.

We believe in setting the bar high and constantly challenging ourselves to innovate, create, and deliver products and services that are not only effective but also exceptional in their design and impact. This commitment to the remarkable guides our decision-making, inspires our teams, and shapes the experiences we offer to our clients.

It's a reminder that in every endeavor, our goal is to achieve excellence and make a significant, positive difference in the market we serve every single day.

"Augmented reality is our frontier, where technology meets imagination. We harness its boundless potential to not just envision but create a future that's revolutionarily brighter, transforming the way we interact with our world everyday."

We seamlessly integrate digital art and technology to refine human insights, forging a sophisticated union between innovation and a profound human connection.

Our commitment ensures the cohesive integration of human insights with technology, branding, and business goals, focusing on rapid and effective results.

Mark C. Shaw
Creative Director

Mark C. Shaw

With 10+ years of expertise in AR and digital integration, Mark is known for his visionary approach taking advertising to the next level.

Dawar Mustaqeem
Technology Director

Dawar Mustaqeem

With Dawar's expertise, we ensure that your business thrives in a tech-savvy future, delivering tangible and strategic technology advantages.

Pasquale Grieco
Innovation Director

Pasquale Grieco

Pasquale's expertise lies in immersive storytelling through AR, creating ordinary moments into extraordinary experiences.

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