Adding Augmented Reality to your Agency’s Campaigns

Adding Augmented Reality to your Agency’s Campaigns

Augmented Reality (AR) enjoys growing popularity amongst advertisers, marketers and publishers to deliver additional (product) information in a fun and engaging way, allowing customers to not only experience products in a totally new way but also to share more easily online.

As a technology, AR is more versatile than QR-Codes, for example, as it can use any real life object or scene to trigger virtual overlays on smart-phones, tablets or PCs, from location based information to images, audio, videos and 3D animations. Using this new feature-set agencies can provide clients with incredibly dynamic and flexible campaigns which can provide metrics and insight like never seen before.

The question for companies is, are they thinking about how advertising selling products and service can change when overlaid with the right information, at the right time and in the right form – everywhere?

Promotional applications and advantages aside, Augmented Reality can also be used to increase productivity, learning and personal development efficiency within organizations.

Augmented Reality has the potential to solve this  creativity delivery problem and make subject matter knowledge available where and when it is needed.  While this may sound futuristic and unobtainable, Google’s Project Glass could soon make this a household technology. Meanwhile, there are other, more readily available ways to deploy Augmented Reality in the workplace by utilizing employees’ smart-phones and tablets.

Upcoming Media have partnered with Augmented Reality technology provider Layar to design and develop interactive content and experiences. These enable organizations to engage their employees in acquiring subject matter knowledge and collaborating with their colleagues based on where they are and what they do. Specifically designed to meet the client’s requirements, brand and comms guidelines, our AR solutions can be used to drive commitment and efficiency in a fun and engaging way.

  • Access to knowledge repositories and collaboration tools supporting Dynamic Marketing ROI programs
  • Access to learning content and resources in the work environment
  • Interactive brochures, posters and name cards at seminars and workshops
  • Media-enriched in-house publications

In summary, Augmented Reality offers great new ways of cross-channel story telling and creative ways for advertising agencies to engage their customers as well as their employees. The possibilities are endless.