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Upcoming Media

Revolutionizing Interactive Advertising: The Social Approach

Innovative Collaborations with Global Brands In the dynamic world of advertising, Upcoming Media Inc. stands out as a leader in interactive and immersive marketing. Our unique approach, particularly in the...
Upcoming Media

Streamline Your Branding for Maximum Impact

Every business owner wants their brand to be successful. A good brand reputation can increase conversions, foster loyalty, and attract new customers. But to achieve this, you need to establish...
Upcoming Media

How AR is Changing Consumer Experience for Good

The world of retail has been changing rapidly over the past few years, and it’s only going to get more interesting in the future. The evolution of technology will continue...
Upcoming Media

4 Habits of Successful Creative Entrepreneurs That You Should Start Practicing Today

Knowing the best practices of your industry can set you years ahead in terms of your success. When working in the corporate world, employees learn about the actions and skills...
Upcoming Media

How Basketball and Spark AR Combined Make an Awesome Customer Experience

Few things are as exciting to watch as your favourite basketball player rushing down the court and a shooting three-pointer as the final buzzer sounds. The energy from the stadium...
Upcoming Media

Using Spark AR Technology to Create Amazing Food Experiences for Wendy’s

Forward-thinking restaurant owners and quick-service food retailers understand the importance of using tech to keep their products top of mind with consumers. This strategy has become especially important during the...
Upcoming Media

Beyond HUDs: AR Innovations That Will Drive Future Cars Forward

We live in an exciting point in the history of automobiles. The day when land vehicles run exclusively on renewable energy and drive completely on their own may not come...
Upcoming Media
Beachcomber AR

Using Augmented Reality to Boost Resort Bookings

The digital age has empowered travellers to browse luxury resort options online and compare different destinations to craft the perfect getaway. Never before has shopping for and booking vacations been...
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