Create and Share Brand Messaging with Augmented Reality Experiences

The rise of online shopping has changed how people interact with their favourite brands. Never before have consumers had so much choice right at their fingerprints, prompting companies to create innovative customer experiences that will draw attention away from their competitors.

Ironically, in this age of digital technology, print advertising is seeing a resurgence. Online shopping has been switching and integrating business techniques that are strongly focused on synergizing digital marketing and printed materials. Digital advertising and marketing through print media are becoming more innovative and more engaging by using augmented reality (AR) technology.


Using AR to Engage Your Customers

Traditionally, print marketing was a one-way conversation with customers: your message goes out with no opportunity for customer engagement. Digital marketing changed everything by introducing full engagement through commenting, liking, and social sharing. These innovations made print ads look cold, flat, and boring by comparison.

With the free Upcoming Media Solution app available for Apple iOS and Google Android, brands can now offer consumers amazing AR experiences by making their print media campaigns completely interactive, engaging, shareable, and fun in four unique ways:

  • AR Pages: Customers scan specially marked print ads to view, interact with, and customize your products through hologram-style experiences that boost engagement with your brand
  • AR Packs: Users place AR experiences into the real world to enjoy realistic 3D hologram-style messaging
  • AR Places: Consumers can play games or interact with realistic 3D hologram-style messaging in real-world locations, such as stores, parks, and schools
  • AR Faces: By “using their head”, customers can place AR experiences onto their face to support local sports teams, corporate events, or special occasions with digital masks, hats, and more

There is also an AR web reference version which allows users to connect from our website directly to that experience on the app with a simple button click. They can then immediately start interacting with your brand and enjoy a level of engagement they will be thrilled to share with their friends, family, and online followers.


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