Create Interactive Print Campaigns with Augmented Reality

For years, retailers relied on print media such as the Yellow Pages, flyers, and catalogues to get their messages out to the public. Print campaigns were highly effective because then, as now, people loved getting mail.

Then came the Internet. Suddenly, print media was seemed archaic, out of touch, and bothersome. Finely targeted digital ads replaced mass “spray and pray” mailings, and email became the method of choice to reach customers.

But thanks to augmented reality (AR), print campaigns are once again at the forefront of marketing, creating a buzz with technology that makes at-home shopping even more fun, engaging, and exciting. It also means bigger sales for businesses that adopt AR.


How Augmented Reality Drive Print Ads

We recently worked with The Sneaker Store to elevate their customer experience and engagement using Upcoming Media Solutions apps. Together, we developed a solution that allowed consumers to custom design shoes using dynamic colour and texture palettes. Once the consumer is happy with the design, they can order the shoes right away.

The entire process can be completed in three easy steps:

1) Download and launch the free Upcoming Media Solutions app for Apple iOS and Google Android.

2) Use your mobile device to scan specially-marked print ads to begin interacting with the hologram-style content.

3) Completely customize your classic sneakers with the easy-to-use Upcoming Media Solutions app AR viewer.

Our AR solution provides customers of The Sneaker Store with a memorable experience, and more sales direct to the customer.


AR Experiences for Consumer Products

The AR experiences that StickARs apps offers aren’t limited to footwear. Consumers can now enjoy fun, interactive AR mobile shopping with a wide range of products, including:

  •    Sunglasses and eyewear
  •    Apparel
  •    Jewelry
  •    Furniture
  •    Lamps and Statues
  •    Automobiles
  •    And much more…

StickARs | Augmented Reality Experiences Toronto

The AR shopping experience is so much fun that consumers will not only use the app more than once to create different configurations of their favourite products, they’ll also become brand advocates through social sharing. The Upcoming Media Solutions app has sharing features that connect your brand’s AR experience to potentially thousands of people through Facebook Twitter, Instagram, and other social media apps already on their mobile device.

The Upcoming Media Solutions app also has the ability to gather valuable data from the scans. These insights can be shared through custom-made reports with your marketing analytics team for success measurement and future planning.


Download the Upcoming Media Solutions App

The Upcoming Media Solutions app is free and can be used with both Apple iOS and Google Android devices. Your customers will love the added fun to your print campaign and will further the level of engagement with your brand.

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