Create Interactive Scavenger Hunts with Augmented Reality Places

Create Interactive Scavenger Hunts with Augmented Reality Places

Remember the Pokémon Go craze during the summer of 2016? Even if you didn’t play the game yourself, you had a sense of the concept: By using an app, players “find” and “capture” virtual characters in the real world to gain points and advance levels.

The game took the Internet by storm in part because augmented reality (AR) was a relatively new technology for the general public. But the real reason it went viral was that it was a whole lot of fun!

Brands can now leverage advanced AR innovations to create exciting, interactive scavenger hunts to hold fun events, run contests, or promote new products with Augmented Reality Places.


Choose Your Customized AR Scavenger Hunt

What kind of experience would you like to create?

Choosing an experience depends on what your goals are. Whether it’s raising money for charity, building personal or professional relationships, or creating excitement around your brand, our developers can work with your team to create AR scavenger hunts that are completely customizable and unique for everyone:

– Brand awareness
: Create a buzz for a brand event that builds awareness of your products and services

– Competitions: Set achievement levels and prize categories with a robust AR scavenger solution that really ramps up the fun

– Fundraising: Bring the community together for a fun AR experience that raises funds for a good cause

– Team building exercises: Create long-lasting bonds between team members with an AR experience they’ll be talking about for weeks

– Tourism: Educate local tourists and newcomers about your community by providing a fun experience available in a wide choice of languages

Players simply need to connect with our team at Upcoming Media to drive awareness even further, turn game checkpoints or milestones into opportunities to take pictures that players can share with their networks on social media.


Let’s Talk About Augmented Reality

Our development team can design, develop, and support virtually any AR experience you need, no matter how complex. Our Upcoming Media solutions put your business needs first and use AR technology to build engaging, interactive experiences around them. We’ll handle all the techie stuff while you focus on using our solutions to build your business.

Ready to learn more? Connect with the Upcoming Media team at today and download the Upcoming Media Solutions app for Apple iOS and Google Android.

Whether it’s a design concept or you’re looking to promote a new product, our Upcoming Media Solutions will recalibrate the way you think about conducting day-to-day business.

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