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Augmented Reality Education

Medical Uses AR to Teach Students in 3D

3D augmented reality provides the most in-depth training for medical students available by allowing in-depth exploration of inside the human body. Layered learning with fully interactive parts keep the students’ attention and enable educators to quickly and concisely present information.

Students walk away with a deeper understanding of human physiology that prepares them for a lifetime of learning as they progress through their medical careers.

Allow Students To Interact With Unique 3D scenes

Create visually exciting learning experiences that allow students to get “up close and personal” with any subject matter through 360° photos, video, or fully-rendered scenes that will captivate, inspire, and motivate students to learn and excel.

Travel the world, explore outer space, or hang out with faraway indigenous tribes – all from the comfort of your classroom. It’s just as good as actually being there!

Teacher Analytics From Student Experiences

Easily use real-time key performance analytics to further customize student experiences. With reliable, quantifiable data, you can identify learning issues, change focus areas, or modify course curriculum as your students’ needs evolve.

Students can access video hints from you directly from the application. You’ll actually become an augmented teacher not just inside, but also outside the classroom, preparing students for success no matter where they are!

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