Layar App: New 3D Updates

Layar this week released some updates to there worldwide leading augmented realty platform AR browser: Layar. With over 40+ Million downloads worldwide they questioned the committed user base and listens to their needs: it’s time for an update in the application’s 3D capabilities and they delivered!

The first example in the video above is a showcase that lets users interact with a new car model in 3D. The car rolls into position and you can tap on the doors to open and close them. You can even get right up close to take a look inside or use the colour picker to see what it looks like in your favourite colour.

The next example is a fun retro television example that showcases a pair of new features: channel switching (button presses) and video in models. The TV model shows a video playing right on the screen, and by tapping on the buttons of the TV you can switch channels and watch something else! This example also shows how you can now use the Pop Out feature of the Layar App with 3D models. In Pop Out, you can double tap or pinch to zoom, drag to move to model around and rotate with two fingers to spin it around.

AR is a powerful tool for education, and this textbook cover is a perfect example of how 3D can enhance this even further. The cover comes alive with a spinning model of the solar system with independently animated planets that rotate and revolve at their own speeds. As with the showroom example above, you can zoom in close for a better look at the smaller planets.

3D domes are a great way to immerse yourself in an exotic location, and now these panoramic images can become dynamic videos playing in all directions. In this music video example, you can be the director and spin around 360º to watch the musicians dance, sing and play their instruments all around you.

With Upcoming Media Inc. being Layar’s Certified Partner in Canada, we are able to provide these new features for your augmented reality campaigns adding a whole new level of engagement and entertainment for your loyal users.