Increase Foot Traffic to Your Retail Location with Augmented Reality

2017 saw many retail icons, such as Reitman’s, Le Chateau, and Sears, either close dozens of stores or cease operations completely in Canada. These closures resulted from a reduction of in-store foot traffic due to increased competition, the rise of online shopping, and changing customer expectations. In recent years, consumers have been putting a heavier […]
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Create Interactive Print Campaigns with Augmented Reality

For years, retailers relied on print media such as the Yellow Pages, flyers, and catalogues to get their messages out to the public. Print campaigns were highly effective because then, as now, people loved getting mail. Then came the Internet. Suddenly, print media was seemed archaic, out of touch, and bothersome. Finely targeted digital ads […]
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3 Ways that Augmented Reality Apps Enhance Mobile Shopping

It’s no secret that online shopping has revolutionized the way we browse for and purchase products. Online shopping allows us to avoid malls, easily comparison shop from the comfort of our home or workplace, and access goods from nearly anywhere in the world. But brick-and-mortar stores offer consumers something that mobile has struggled with: sensory […]
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What Is The Future Of AR?

By transforming complex information into a 3D representation that is easy to understand, industries are eagerly adopting augmented reality for training, product development, research, and marketing applications. Augmented reality is used industries from mining technology to medicine. Today, in 2017,  the medical industry is introducing 8 new medical advances using augmented reality which all provide […]
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3 Ways AR Can Enhance Your World

1.) Augmented Reality for Education Augmented reality is gaining worldwide attention for how it helps students engage in subject matters based on individual or group learning styles. Group learning and the benefits of social interaction in the learning process is a much talked about learning concept with augmented reality recognized as the tool for this purpose. […]
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What is Augmented Reality?

There is a lot of attention on what is Augmented Reality these days. Highly publicized launches from big name brands like Apple and Google who have set augmented reality roadmaps and the vision of this technology for the future. Just as the internet coming around in the 1980’s, augmented reality will be coming around in the […]
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Taves Consumer Electronics Show

Upcoming Media Inc. partners with TAVES Consumer Electronics Show 2017

The TAVES show is North America’s ultimate consumer technology  and hi-fi event. Visitors will experience exciting new technology and enjoy a hands-on experience with new prototypes in technology including: remote control toys and drones virtual, augmented and mixed reality fashion technology smart apparel bike technology and electric cars personal transportation including bike technology home automation […]
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augmented reality incubatar event

Introducing IncubatAR

Learn standard and professional ways to build a successful mobile augmented reality campaign for ADVERTISING. This meet is designed for advertising agents, networkers, tech entrepreneurs and business owners who are looking to learn more about utilizing mobile augmented reality for their business purposes. Membership to our events is 100% free, though donations are always welcome, […]
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Augmented Reality For Tourism

Revolutionize the way you experience new destinations and services with augmented reality for the tourism industry. Augmented reality can be used to enhance the booking experience by providing interactive advertisements of a desired destination.
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Augmented Reality For Business

Augmented Reality For Small Businesses

There are so many uses for augmented reality that it can be overwhelming when deciding what route to go. This is where we come in handy. We will help you narrow down your options and decide what type of AR strategy would best suite your campaign.
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Augmented Reality On The Rise

At Upcoming Media, we are always on the lookout for new and exciting technologies, which is why we began specializing in augmented reality. As augmented reality technology becomes more common the uses are becoming extraordinary.
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Interactive Mobile Games

Are you tired of the same old boring mobile games? With mobile games being such a thriving industry and having a global revenue of $20.8 billion USD why wouldn’t you want to make one? Get ahead of the competition by creating a branded augmented reality game or by infusing AR into your existing game.
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Whether it’s a design concept or you’re looking to promote a new product, our Upcoming Media Solutions will recalibrate the way you think about conducting day-to-day business.

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