Facebook AR Filters

Maybelline NY “Get Party Ready”

Portfolio Get Party Ready Try the AR Filter for yourself! Experience on Instagram: https://bit.ly/maybelline_ny_birthday_edition_insta https://vimeo.com/717390507 Augmented Reality Cosmetics Our team was requested to create a product comparison tool experience on Spark AR (Instagram) for the Super Stay Birthday Edition, promoting and utilizing the colours and application of each of Maybelline product so their customers can […]
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Wendy’s + NCAA “Shoot Your Shot”

Portfolio March Isn’t The Only Thing Full Of Madness Try the AR Filter for yourself! Experience on Meta: https://bit.ly/wendys_shoot_your_shot_meta Experience on Instagram: https://bit.ly/wendys_shoot_your_shot_insta Interactive Sports Mini-Games Wendy’s, a major sponsor of the NCAA March Madness event, wanted to create an interactive, challenging basketball game to help promote the event. Our solution is a three-shot, one […]
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MGEAR 1.0 “Product Viewer”

Portfolio Minimalist Wallets With Maximum Utilities By adding augmented reality to your print campaign you can see as much as 80% increase in user engagement. MGear Product Viewer MGear is a manufacturer of innovative outdoor adventure products & gadgets that offer remarkable customization options. Developed for modern urban and active lifestyles, MGear products focus on […]
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