Mobile Augmented Reality

Wendy’s “Hot & Crispy Fries”

Portfolio Hot & Crispy Guaranteed Try the AR Filter for yourself! Experience on Meta: Experience on Instagram: Create Amazing Food Experiences To help promote the new fries, Meta (formerly Facebook) approached Upcoming Media Inc. to partner with them and VidMob to create an AR filter that would entice customers to order Wendy’s new Hot & […]
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Beachcomber “The Art Of Beautiful”

Portfolio The Art Of Beautiful As a pioneer of the hospitality industry in Mauritius, we are aware of the gift nature has given us: to live in one of the most beautiful islands of the Indian Ocean. Augmented Reality App Built as a visualisation tool for Beachcomber Resorts & Hotels’ partners and guests, this state-of-the-art […]
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Andrik and the Tasks Of Teragon “Mobile Game”

Portfolio Bring The Adventure With You Anywhere An interactive AR shooter + platform game, Andrik meets hundreds of enemies, and a number of boss characters in this action packed game. Andrik And The Tasks Of Teragon Join Andrik the Alien on his journey through Teragon to rescue Princess Alessandria from the clutches of the evil […]
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StickARs™ “Collaboration App”

Portfolio Collaboration Tools For Business & Schools Increase productivity with interactive augmented reality Surfaces using our innovative real-time mapping and visual positioning platform. Spatial Computing & Mapping System for AR Our innovative platform allows you to “stick” audio clips, line drawings, upload media and 3D objects into the real world, fostering easier collaboration between team […]
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3D Food and Drink “AR Menu”

Portfolio 3D Food And Drink Interactive Experiences Take your menu, coaster, placemat, and more to the next level using augmented reality (AR) and more! Solutions Perfect For Hospitality Industries Using a mobile device, guests can “place” stunning 3D visualizations of your dishes onto any table or flat surface. Allow customers to make informed food choices, avoid […]
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Sneaker Headz “Sneaker Creator”

Portfolio A Perfect Fit for Footwear And Online Shopping Browsing online or in a catalogue for shoes can be great fun, but it’s hard to get an actual “feel” for the sneaker on a screen or flat piece of paper. Stylish On And Off The Court To really allow consumers to immerse themselves when browsing […]
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