Saint Elizabeth Healthcare: Using AR to Spread Hope and Happiness

Founded in 1908, Saint Elizabeth Healthcare (SE Health) is a not-for-profit charitable organization and Canada’s largest diversified healthcare company. Their over 9,000 “leaders of impact” deliver integrated home, virtual, and seniors health care services and support to more than 20,000 Canadians each day, spreading hope and happiness to every life they touch.

Over the years, SE Health has changed, expanded, and evolved to meet the health care challenges of Canadians from all walks of life and places of origin. Today, it continues to be a beacon of hope for people who need it the most.

This year, SE Health is commemorating their 110th anniversary with a celebration for their corporate team, front line care providers, external clients, and other stakeholders across the country. They wanted their guests to have a unique shared experience that’s aligned with their mission, which proved to be a challenge with a team spread out from coast to coast.

Fortunately, augmented reality (AR) and gaming technology provided the solution.


The Project: Hope & Happiness Day of Surprises

The anniversary event commenced as planned, and was geared to celebrate the continued success and ongoing commitment of their leaders of impact who make a positive difference in the lives of Canadians every day.


SE Health


The event planning committee wanted to provide their guests with a memorable experience that would:

  • Showcase SE Health’s mission to spread hope and happiness, and inspire participants to share that spirit with others
  • Unveil the look and feel of their new, modernized brand to engage and energize their event guests
  • Feature lots of fun and exciting interactive content
  • Feel fresh and new long after the anniversary celebration

Knowing they needed a seamless technical solution to address their needs, SE Health turned to Upcoming Media, Inc. to design, develop, and deliver an amazing experience in time for their celebration, which at the time, was only four weeks away.


SE Health


Our Customized Augmented Reality Solution

Our team of developers sat down with the planning committee at SE Health to learn more about the kind of experience they wanted, which specific goals they needed to fulfill, and any special requirements we could build into the app. Augmented reality was the favourite technology to use from the get-go, and we proposed a private, internal AR app that could be used for their 110th event, and also repetitively by users throughout the rest of the year.

AR superimposes a computer-generated image on a user’s view of the real world through their mobile device (smartphone or tablet). This composite view results in a fully immersive experience that can be used for brand messaging, engagement, or simply for fun.

Even with a short four-week timeline to design, develop and deliver a full corporate solution, we were confident we could complete the project on time, within budget, and to the client’s complete satisfaction.  

Among the deliverables for the project were:

  1. Countdowns to SE Health surprises throughout the day
  2. AR photo booth that included “AR studio-style” filters and effects
  3. A “big reveal” using AR for their new company logo
  4. Custom 3D character creation in Unity 3D
  5. Mobile game with an interactive map to mini-games that help support SE Health’s mission of spreading hope and happiness.
  6. Survey forms with cloud data compilation
  7. Analytics gathering and reporting

Our team created an app workflow and process plan for the app’s development lifecycle. Once the client reviewed and approved the plan, we jumped right into work. After weeks of development, testing, and retesting, we presented the final product to SE Health.

The planning committee was thrilled with the results, so we moved to prepare the app for launch.


The Final Result

On event day, the app was released to SE Health’s private network. The leaders of impact enjoyed an amazing day of fun AR experiences, helping to solidify their commitment to spreading hope and happiness to Canadians in need for years to come.


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