Logo Sting Package

Exciting animated logo stings that create instant brand recognition Reinforce your brand with an exciting, eye-popping logo sting that’s custom-designed to reflect your corporate image. Logo stings placed at the beginning or end of a corporate, product, or training video give your brand immediate visual impact, making a lasting impression on your audience and creating […]
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Promo Video Package

Put your products or services in the community spotlight Our end-to-end Promo Video Package provides everything you need to showcase the best features of your product or service and your brand’s unique value proposition. We’ll collaborate on every step of the video production process, including storyboarding, scriptwriting, shooting, post-production, and more, all with the goal […]
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Social AR Package

Go viral with exciting Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat filters Incorporate exciting AR filters, lenses, and effects into your social media marketing to supercharge social media engagement. Build your Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat audiences quickly with fun, unforgettable experiences that are instantly sharable and link to your landing pages with just a few taps. We’ll work […]
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Mobile AR Package

Create unique AR experiences that drive customer engagement Our end-to-end Mobile AR solutions put the power of augmented reality to work for you! Our developers will custom-develop a unique mobile app completely tailored to your brand’s look and feel. Customers can download your mobile AR app from the App Store or Google Play and enjoy […]
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Web AR Package

Browser-based AR experiences that elevate the online experience Go beyond mobile to create an interactive AR experience on desktop, laptop, and mobile devices. Widen your audience reach with browser-based AR that offers almost all of the functionality of AR mobile but with no apps to download. Your customers will view, learn about, and interact with […]
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Virtual Reality Package

Powerful interactive content that builds excitement with customers Elevate your product releases and corporate events with a virtual reality experience designed to engage and entertain your customers! Our Virtual Reality Package offers hands-free or controller-based VR, using comfortable hardware and high-quality resolutions so users can manipulate and interact with lifelike virtual content that creates an […]
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Social Stories Package

Create instant engagement with video stories that builds your social Social media stories are short 10 – 15 second video clips that give your followers a behind-the-scenes look at your brand or a first look at special announcements. Stories are fun, educational content perfect for connecting with your Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat audiences and building […]
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Website Store Package

How augmented reality is bringing businesses back to life Share augmented reality experiences that reach billions of people using the Facebook. Every day, we share different parts of our lives with each other. What we each choose to express may take different shapes, but the underlying desire to share and show how we perceive ourselves […]
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3D Model Package

Accurate, full-colour 3D renderings that will amaze your audience Upcoming Media’s cutting-edge photogrammetry technology creates hyper-realistic 3D models of your products, structures, or environments. Attract investors, build prototypes, or impress customers with amazing visualizations that bring your unique vision to life. Our 3D Model Package contains everything you need to give your audience an incredible […]
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Whether it’s a design concept or you’re looking to promote a new product, our Upcoming Media Solutions will recalibrate the way you think about conducting day-to-day business.

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