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Oftentimes, an in-store experience doesn't help customers visualize how products will fit and look in their space. One of the biggest ways AR will transform retail is by offering customers the opportunity to see products in their space before purchase.

If you're anything like me, a store packed with customers can deter you from trying on products, even if you really need a new pair of sneakers. By offering a comparable alternative to the in-store experience, you're able to appeal to a larger demographic.

Even though augmented reality is becoming increasingly mainstream, it's still unique and surprising. To create a sustainable long-term strategy, you'll want to avoid using AR simply for flair -- consider how the technology can enhance your customer's shopping experience, and you're more likely to find lasting success.

Augmented Reality


There are over 1bn worldwide users on Instagram which makes it the biggest platform for branded Augmented Reality AR Filters. It's a colossal amount of eyeballs looking for engaging content. And research shows that people who use AR Filters use them on average for 75 seconds - 4X longer than mobile video.

According to Zappar, Augmented Reality experiences are uniquely memorable. What this means is that AR can be a particularly powerful way to deliver information that is subsequently retained. This means advertisers and brands can achieve 70% higher levels of memory recall compared with non-AR such as video for any potential customers who use their Augmented Reality AR Filters.

AR Filters are getting more dynamic, and fast. Every two weeks or so, Meta's (formerly Facebook) Spark AR update their platform and with it new fancy features. Expect to see a lot more of these features coming and the first brands to use them have an advantageous head start.

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You don't need to blow your marketing budget on one AR Filter (unless you'd like to). Augmented Reality Filters are an inexpensive alternative to other media platforms as no specific media needs to be purchased. They can be made for as little as $1,000.

AR is here to stay. When the number of major brands using AR in marketing increases as rapidly as it has done in the past twelve months, you know that it is a technology that has finally come of age.

AR Filters have the potential of millions of impressions and shares. People want to use more immersive, fresh experiences and brands have a number of platforms to choose from to create their own unique brand AR experience. It's an exciting time to be a social media AR brand, and this is only the beginning. 

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