Speakers University Launches Augmented Reality Experience

Speakers University Launches Amazing Augmented Reality Experience

If you ask a student how they prefer to receive their lesson material, some might say they’d rather read it than use technology. Others, however, wouldn’t hesitate to offer the opposite preference.

But now, thanks to augmented reality (AR), both readers and lovers of technology can have the best of both worlds.

Launched in 2012, Speakers University holds personal development workshops and public speaking training for both professional development and personal fulfillment. Not only do students gain valuable skills, they also benefit from the connections, resources, and coaching they receive to make a positive difference in society.

Lance Constantine, Founder of Speakers University, is a passionate social entrepreneur and author. His latest book, The Art of Speaking – Make the World Stop When you Speak, focuses on helping readers improve their public speaking skills through comprehensive lessons and practical advice.

But one of the books’ truly unique features is the AR experience that elevates the learning experience.


Using Augmented Reality to Improve the Learning Experience

To help communicate his message in a truly unique way, students who purchase Lance’s book also have the opportunity to download an additional app that contains free video courses on public speaking, as well as an AR experience of Lance delivering his famous “The Eagle and the Chicken” speech in amazing 3D!

You can experience this right now by following the steps below:

1.) Download the free Speakers University app for Apple iOS or Google Android.

2.) Download the sample interactive AR book cover.

3.) Launch the app and point the viewer at the book cover.


Through the app’s viewer, you’ll see Lance standing on the book cover, along with the characters he describes in the story, in compelling augmented reality!

If you’re ready for an even more enhanced experience, follow these steps:

1.) While augmented Lance is delivering his speech in the AR viewer, press the button on the bottom left.
2.) Point the viewer towards the floor until the square cursor appears.
3.) Double tap outside the cursor to place and re-activate the experience.


Suddenly a full life-size 3D augmented Lance appears in the viewer! Watch as chickens roost at your feet and the eagle flies overhead – all rendered in amazing 3D AR technology.

The Upcoming Media team is proud to have partnered with Lance and Speakers University to create this truly special experience that makes his book stand out from the rest, and encourage a lifelong love of learning.


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