The Globe And Mail adds Layar Augmented Reality to Sochi 2014 Winter Olympics Article

Gearing up for the next Olympic games in Sochi 2014, The Globe And Mail decided to go that extra mile and add an augmented reality experience using the Layar app. It was implemented to give a more in-depth look into Sochi and explain some of the new sports events appearing this year like the team luge.

To kick things off, it starts with the explanation of the Team Luge event. The augmented reality experience displays a beautiful slideshow of quality images taken on location, along with an informative voice-over to complete the experience.

The whole campaign is sponsored by Lexus and there is an augmented link to the new Lexus mobile campaign website – Amazing in Motion.

Looking forward to other possible augmented reality articles, as they really take reading the newspaper to the next level. Connect with us at for more information!

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