Top 3 Marketing Reasons for Adding Augmented Reality

Top 3 Marketing Reasons for Adding Augmented Reality

Augmented Reality has been around for a few years, and its picking up steam quickly in corporate and enterprise level marketing circles. From some of the world’s largest brands (Playboy, Pepsi, Mercedes Benz, BMW, Nissan and Coke just to name a few) are some of the most entertaining and successful marketing campaigns to date.

Pushing the limits for what was once dominated by traditional marketing, Augmented Reality has taken hold as the go-to for:

  1. providing high engagement level,
  2. more interactions per customer than any other system,
  3. measurable metrics for print campaigns

This makes¬†Augmented Reality a powerful inbound marketer’s tool. These three reasons alone are drawing fellow marketers and ad agencies in; coupled with inbound techniques you can easily retain and convert users by providing key engagement and interaction places within your inbound campaigns.

Adding augmented reality starts to close the gap between print and digital content and gives you engagement metrics to see how well a campaign is converting users and seeing your overall R.O.I. from a campaign.