Visit 3D Food & Drink at the Restaurants Canada Show in Toronto

The 2019 Restaurants Canada Show takes place in Toronto at the Enercare Centre from February 24 – 26. For over 70 years, hospitality professionals from all over the world have come together to shop, taste, learn, connect, and grow their business at the event, which is owned and operated by Restaurants Canada. Over 18,000 attendees are expected to come and try out the latest in cutting-edge hospitality products and technology!

Be sure to visit the 3D Food and Drink booth, brought to you by Upcoming Media Inc., in the main exhibition hall to experience how the latest in 3D food capturing, 3D drink creation, and augmented reality (AR) technology can help elevate your hospitality business. Attendees can also learn about the benefits of AR at “Serving Up your Menu in 3D and Augmented Reality”, presented by Upcoming Media’s Mark Shaw and MetaVRse’s Alan Smithson. This engaging, hour-long interactive session takes place on Tuesday, February 26 at noon in the tech pavilion’s Learning Lounge.

On top of collaborating with MetaVRse and the VRARA, Upcoming Media’s tech experts will be launching their new website, along with the 3D Food and Drink app, which will be available on Apple’s iOS for the show, and on Google Android soon after.




Transform Your Cuisine into Memorable 3D Art

Upcoming Media will be demonstrating 3D Food and Drink’s customized digital food menus, which allows your customers to place stunning 3D visualizations of your dishes onto any table with only a few taps on their mobile device.

This innovative app will transform the hospitality industry from the way we eat and drink, to how businesses train their staff, how we communicate with customers, and how we market in print materials, online, and through social media.

3D Food and Drink uses ultra-high resolution photographs to create 3D food and drink models, which are combined with cutting-edge technology that not only puts your brand in the spotlight, but also educates, engages, and entertains your customers. Menus are also equipped with additional meal information, which will let the diner order food that conforms to their health, dietary, or religious needs. Take the guesswork out of foreign-language menus for tourists, and increase the chances of customers ordering new or additional items.

The app will also allow servers to learn about menu items faster, and spend less time answering questions, as all necessary information will already be provided to the customer through the AR experience.


How 3D AR Experiences are Created

Upcoming Media creates and maintains 3D Food and Drink menus with a 4-step advanced process that provides a seamless AR experience for your customers, and easy setup and implementation for you:

  1.    Capture: Ultra-high resolution photographs (photogrammetry) create 3D food models, which are then coupled with the latest mobile technology.
  2.    Clean: Professional editing software cleans, edits, and exports top-tier quality models for augmented, virtual, and mixed reality.
  3.    Apply: Cutting-edge AR/VR software packages construct, layout, and publish each augmented, virtual or mixed reality experience.
  4.    Analyze: Secure software provided by Google gathers multiple analytics streams to help you deciding on future decisions like menu changes.

The results are lifelike augmented, virtual, and mixed reality experiences using tantalizing, lifelike 3D models of your food and drink items with just a few taps on your customers’ mobile device.



Where You Can Use 3D Food and Drink Solutions

The innovative AR technology in the 3D Food and Drink app is designed to elevate the food experience not just in restaurants or wherever food and drinks are served, but across the entire hospitality industry, including:

  • Culinary Training: Quickly and efficiently train the next generation of culinary and hospitality experts with AR training experiences that make teaching and learning a snap
  • Catering Menu Presentations: Present your catering and event planning menu ideas through stunning 3D images that give potential clients realistic, to-scale dish combinations that create the perfect event
  • Interactive 3D Print Items: Showcase your brand, company history, and product information on innovative print media such as menus, coasters, placemats, napkins, and more
  • Room Service or Home/Office Delivery: Customers can build their food items to scale to their own table, and build their own meals when ordering from their home, office, or hotel room, or elsewhere

You can easily promote your menu through customized social media marketing campaigns, which offers limitless liking, commenting, and sharing opportunities for new selections, “Rockstar” items, or special promotions. Our advanced analytics allows you to track how many people are looking at each item, helping you determine which ones are your most and least popular.  


Have a Taste of 3D Food and Drink at the Restaurants Canada Show!

Remember, we’ll be unveiling the 3D Food and Drink app at the Restaurants Canada Show. Be among the first hospitality professionals to try out the app for yourself, and have all of your questions answered by our tech professionals.

See you at the Upcoming Media booth in the main exhibition hall of the Enercare Centre in Toronto, February 24 – 26!


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