Augmented Reality For Tourism


Revolutionize the way you experience new destinations and services with augmented reality for the tourism industry. Augmented reality can be used to enhance the booking experience by providing interactive advertisements of a desired destination.

Augmented reality helps tourists to access basic information when traveling such as directions, descriptions of monuments or tourist attractions. Location-based AR apps use geo-locations to pinpoint landmarks near by or show off historical locations.

Another way the tourism industry utilizes augmented reality is for translations. Augmented reality has the ability to understand signs, menus and other text written in a different language and translate it to the language you need in real time. Imagine you are in a restaurant while on vacation but the menu is in another language. You can launch an augmented reality app to translate the menu for you right before your eyes.

Lastly, when visiting museums or historical landmarks, augmented reality can provide tourists with an engaging experience and provide additional information about the site just by scanning it.  Enhance your visitors’ experience by educating and engaging them with fun facts, dates of historical significance and visual perspectives.

For younger tourists, build creative and interactive themes and campaigns to help make the visit to museums and important buildings engaging.  Age appropriate and creative resources for education and advertising can help build excitement and interaction for tourists of all ages.

Make the most out your travels by using augmented reality to interact with historical monuments and attractions around the world!


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