CeramX"Driving Simulator"
WebVR Experience

CeramX "Driving Simulator" WebVR Experience

Smart Program's CeramX "Driving Simulator" WebVR Experience was created to showcase the superior performance and benefits of using CeramX window treatments on windshields. We aimed to provide users with an immersive, interactive experience that illustrates the difference between regular and CeramX-treated windshields under various environmental scenarios.

The CeramX "Driving Simulator" is a cutting-edge WebVR experience equipped with an AR filter, designed to simulate real-world driving conditions. This interactive tool allows users to virtually experience the contrast between a standard windshield on one side and one enhanced with CeramX window treatment on the other. The simulator incorporates various scenes and environmental conditions, such as heavy rain, bright sunlight, and snowy weather, to demonstrate the effectiveness of CeramX in ensuring clear visibility and safety.