Hellmann's"Mayo Cat"
AR Filter

Hellmann's "Mayo Cat" AR Filter

The creation of the Hellmann's Mayo Cat AR Filter was a strategic move to capitalize on the buzz generated by their Super Bowl LVIII commercial. The commercial itself, featuring the memorable Mayo Cat alongside celebrities Kate McKinnon and Pete Davidson, was a blend of humor, celebrity appeal, and a message about food waste with the "Make Taste, Not Waste" initiative. The use of a quirky character like Mayo Cat, combined with the comedic talents of McKinnon and Davidson, created a memorable and engaging narrative that was both humorous and impactful, highlighting the creative use of Hellmann's mayonnaise in transforming leftovers into delightful meals.

The AR Filter ties into this campaign by bringing the engaging character of Mayo Cat into the digital space, allowing fans and viewers to interact with the character in a novel way. This digital engagement tool leverages the viral potential of the campaign, encouraging users to share their own experiences with the Mayo Cat, thereby extending the campaign's reach beyond traditional ad viewership to a more interactive and participatory online audience.