L'Oreal Paris"Colour Riche"
AR Filter

L'Oreal Paris "Colour Riche" AR Filter

We had the exciting opportunity to collaborate with L'Oreal Paris on a groundbreaking campaign for their "Colour Riche" lipstick collection. Utilizing advanced Augmented Reality (AR) technology, we developed an interactive Instagram AR filter that revolutionized the way consumers experience and share their favourite lipstick colours. The "Colour Riche" AR Filter campaign was designed to enhance the online shopping experience for L'Oreal Paris customers. This cutting-edge filter allowed users to virtually try on various shades from the Colour Riche collection, offering a realistic and personalized preview of how each color would look on their lips.

Our goal was to bridge the gap between the digital and physical makeup shopping experiences. We aimed to empower consumers to make confident purchase decisions while fostering a fun and engaging community around L'Oreal Paris products.