Wendy’s “Biggie Bag Challenge”


A Classic Tailgate Game

Try the AR Filter for yourself!

Experience on Meta: https://bit.ly/biggie-bag-challenge-meta
Experience on Instagram: https://bit.ly/biggie-bag-challenge-insta

Cornhole You Can
Take Anywhere

We created an AR Filter Game called the “Biggie Bag Challenge” that mimics a fun interactive game inside the Wendyverse, giving fans outside the Wendyverse the chance to get in on the action. Players will flip their view to the back camera, where they’ll see a Wendy’s Biggie Bag cornhole game. User’s aim their throw and flick forward on the screen to launch nuggets, fries, a sandwich, and a drink, racking up as many points as they can in two rounds.

  • Quick-Service Restaurant
  • Wendy's
  • 2022

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