“Driving” Automotive Sales with Augmented Reality

When people are investing a new automobile, they always need two things in order to make an informed purchase: the right information, and an emotional connection to the vehicle.

The challenge for automakers is how to provide both in a fun, fast, and engaging way that parallels the instant gratification that consumers are becoming accustomed to when shopping for other products.

Augmented reality (AR) is meeting this challenge by allowing automotive dealers to provide immersive marketing experiences to their customers. This technology is designed to build interest and excitement about your vehicles so that by the time the customer actually visits your dealership, their mind is already leaning toward making a purchase.


Creating Immersive AR Experiences for Auto Dealers

Until recently, the online automotive buying experience involved customers visiting a website to learn more about vehicle inventory. Automakers have also relied on banner ads to attract customers, even though the click-through-rate tends to be relatively low.

With AR, your banner ads will give customers the opportunity to “experience” the vehicle from anywhere using their mobile device, elevating the shopping experience to new heights, much like Jaguar Land Rover did in 2017.

After clicking the banner ad, consumers can customize a car by adding options, features, and colours. They can then “place” the finished car in their driveway using the camera in their cellphone to get a 360° view of the interior and exterior of the final product.

Dealerships can also create immersive shopping experiences through social media, like Toyota BC has done. By allowing customers to launch the app on the Toyota BC Facebook page to build the car of their dreams, the auto retailer is looking to create an immediate emotional connection between the consumer and the product.

The good news for consumers is that there are no special goggles needed to immerse themselves into these engaging AR experiences. All they need is their cell phone camera to build a car they like, after which they can visit the showroom to try out the physical vehicle.

Your salespeople will be one test drive and quick Q&A session away from closing the deal, giving them more time to sell even more cars.


Empower Consumers Inside the Dealership

Customers who drop into your dealership or visit your booth at an automotive show can also use AR to see and experience your inventory in an engaging manner that builds trust, confidence, and that all-important emotional connection with the vehicle.

Hyundai has launched an AR sales tool that allows customers to learn more about the vehicle’s technical aspects using showroom tablets. The tour features “x-rays” of the car’s inner workings, and the accompanying information is provided in an easy-to-understand format that will educate the consumer without overloading them with technical jargon. This information will increase buyer confidence and already answer many of the questions they may have had for the salesperson.

AR also offers the opportunity for automakers to launch completely virtual showrooms, as Audi has done with Audi City. Consumers visiting Audi City can view their complete catalogue and build their own custom floor model. Also, Audi provides a pair of comfortable goggles so customers can experience being inside car, and “test drive” it, all from the comfort of a chair in the showroom.


Making Better Car Consumers

There’s an old saying that says the best consumer is the informed consumer. Automakers are proving this by incorporating AR technology into the shopping experience, creating a confident consumer base with a higher propensity to buy before ever talking to a salesperson.

For dealerships, having their sales staff engaging and closing more deals with an informed consumer makes the investment in AR technology well worth it, especially when auto consumers come to expect it.


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