3 Ways AR Can Enhance Your World

1.) Augmented Reality for Education

Augmented reality is gaining worldwide attention for how it helps students engage in subject matters based on individual or group learning styles. Group learning and the benefits of social interaction in the learning process is a much talked about learning concept with augmented reality recognized as the tool for this purpose.

Remember watching The Magic School Bus? The Magic School Bus. brought students into a world of augmented reality and group learning. Miss Frizzle magically transformed school transportation into a vehicle of learning and brought students up close and interactive with stars, planets, bugs, plants, and even the complete human digestive system. (yes, they went there even down there.) The Magic School Bus made learning fun and when the teacher wheeled the television trolley into the classroom, we knew the lesson that day would be entertaining.

No need for the television trolley now. Today, students put on a pair of augmented reality glasses and hold the moon in their hands. while exploring interstellar space travel. With such solutions as lightweight plastic glasses, students can be transported to famous cities while sitting in geography class back in their hometown.

Augmented reality creates excitement in the classroom and is easily applied to any subject or field of study in your curriculum.


2.) Augmented Reality for Retail and Services

Want to try a product before purchasing it? Augmented reality brings any product – large or small – right to the consumer. Customize a luxury car or take a tour of a vacation home oasis from anywhere in the world. With augmented reality –  try before buy  – is a competitive advantage for brands –  and the convenience it offers, helps consumers make an informed buying decision.


3.) Augmented Reality for Travel, Tourism, and Entertainment

Augmented reality attracts tourists. National Geographic introduced augmented reality in 2011, letting visitors get up close to the wildest creatures in the world. The Toronto Zoo took notice.  In 2014, the Land, Air, and Sea exhibit offered a unique, educational and engaging experience at the zoo. Augmented reality exhibits are a regular feature at the zoo.  In 2016,  Pokemon Go brought gamers out to explore the world to catch Pokemon, and The Toronto Zoo attracted gamers to the zoo with 45 Pokestops at the site.

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