What Is The Future Of AR?

By transforming complex information into a 3D representation that is easy to understand, industries are eagerly adopting augmented reality for training, product development, research, and marketing applications. Augmented reality is used industries from mining technology to medicine. Today, in 2017,  the medical industry is introducing 8 new medical advances using augmented reality which all provide amazing benefits for patients and medical professionals.

According to Juniper Research, The Augmented Reality industry is expected to grow to $5.7 billion by the year 2021 and this explosive growth (10x) will be fueled by innovation and adoption of augmented reality in enterprise sectors.

As Augmented Reality developers, we live and breathe augmented reality. Research and development in our field moves at a fast pace and we challenge ourselves every day to raise the bar and create user experiences for games, products, services, the classroom, travel, and exhibits that exceed users expectations.


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Where will augmented reality will take us? At Upcoming Media Inc., the future is here.

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