Using Augmented Reality to Boost Resort Bookings

The digital age has empowered travellers to browse luxury resort options online and compare different destinations to craft the perfect getaway. Never before has shopping for and booking vacations been so fast and easy, unless you work as professional travel agent – and even then you’d still have stacks of brochures to leaf through when sourcing out your ideal trip.

With the thousands of different travel options available online, the challenge for many resorts is creating an engaging online experience that helps them stand apart from their competition. This experience would ideally present resort staff, rooms, menus, and amenities in an unforgettable way that not only educates potential guests, but also builds excitement and increases the number of bookings.

Upcoming Media Inc. recently developed an augmented reality (AR) solution for Beachcomber Resorts & Hotels, one the world’s premiere hospitality brands, to elevate the customer experience when shopping for vacation destinations.

About Beachcomber Resorts & Hotels

Beachcomber Resorts & Hotels’ headquarters is situated on the beautiful Indian Ocean island nation of Mauritius, just a few hours by airplane east of Madagascar. Mauritius has long been renowned for its natural beauty and tranquil setting in a secluded part of the world where travellers seek to escape for relaxation and rejuvenation.

Beachcomber operates unique resort hotels in Mauritius, as well as one in the French Riviera, and has earned a reputation as a unique, world-class hospitality provider among seasoned tourists. Much of their success comes from hiring and training only the best hospitality artisans including chefs, massage therapists, spa workers, and more, to ensure the highest quality experience for their guests.

Although situated in a remote part of the world, Beachcomber is no stranger to modern technology, which is why their marketing experts recognized AR as an effective way to introduce their resorts to a brand new audience in a way that puts their brand above the competition.

Using AR to Educate Customers and Elevate the Booking Experience  

We partnered with Beachcombers to develop a solution that allows travellers to tour the hotel and connect with resort artisans before booking their vacation, giving them an in-depth, personal introduction to the resort and staff who will make their visit unforgettable.

Our AR solution features specially marked photographs of the artisans, bringing the individuals to life in stunning. A sneak peek of who they are, what they do, and how they can help travellers have the trip of a lifetime while experiencing everything Beachcomber has to offer. This experience builds a relationship between the customer and the staff before they even meet, takes the mystery out of who will be providing services to them during their trip, and creates excitement about Beachcomber resorts, resulting in additional interest and bookings.

Beachcomber’s investment in AR is just one example of how hotels, resorts, casinos, and others in hospitality can increase brand presence and elevate business using today’s advanced technology.

AR Applications in Travel, Tourism, and Hospitality

Hospitality companies that get on board quickly with AR reap the benefits sooner, and won’t have to rush to catch up when AR technology in marketing becomes so common that their customers come to expect it when booking vacations.

By embracing AR, you can turn almost any print media piece into an interactive multimedia catalogue, demonstration, or collaboration tool that will drive new and repeat customers to your website. Increased user engagement and education through immersive AR experiences can also build excitement about your resort, resulting in an increase in bookings and cross-selling opportunities.

You can also integrate AR into your social media marketing campaigns with lifelike 3D experiences that highlight your guest rooms, food menu, and outdoor beauty. These experiences are fully shareable through the user’s social media platforms, giving your brand limitless awareness potential as your messaging goes viral.

Augmented reality has the power to unleash the full potential of your marketing campaigns to help your guest rooms stay full all season long or throughout the year. Ask us for a free demonstration today!

Customized AR Solutions in Toronto, Canada, and Around the World

Have a specialized need that will enhance your customer experience through AR technology? Talk to us! Upcoming Media can help bring your concept to life from the initial design and build stages right up through launch day. No matter how complex your idea, our development team has the experience to use AR technology to build interactive solutions that your customers will love. Connect with us at for more information!



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